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Lightweight concrete, also known as EPScrete (expanded polystyrene concrete), is a material widely used in the building of environmentally "green" homes. The substance is often made using small Styrofoam balls as a lightweight aggregate instead of the crushed stone that is used in regular concrete.

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The results indie that both LECA aggregate size and its percentage and the cement content have significant effects on the properties of lightweight concrete. A critical finding of the study is related to the tensile strength (ft) of LWAC, which was shown to be overestimated if determined using the recommendations made by the Dutch code VBC 1990; a new correlation between ft and f′c is

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Manufactured with a continuous high tensile strength polyester fiber circularly woven to provide reinforcement Formulated with UV protectors,working temperatures - 5 degrees F to 149 degrees F This hose is very strong, yet relatively lightweight and it resists

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Formulas for Lightweight Concrete Fernando Martinez Lewels has a M.S.C.E degree from the University of Texas at El Paso. He is now working with the Agartif company in Chihuahua, Mexico (about 170 miles from El Paso Texas). This Company has developed a

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High stretch and absorptive qualities reduce bridging on complex contour surfaces. Non-woven breather consisting of 100% high melt polyester.Used for the production of multiple layer appliions to ensure correct resin to fiber ratio. High tensile strength

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Lightweight aggregates concrete livens up its potency to thwart nearby harm activated by ballistic loading. Lower modulus of flexibility and higher tensile strain limit outfits lightweight concrete opposite standard weight concrete with superior impact resistance [].

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Different types of concrete are produced based on the constituent material, mix design, the method of construction, area of appliion, form of hydration reaction. Details of these various types of concrete, their properties and appliions are discussed. 23 Types of

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KEYWORDS: lightweight concrete, high silica fiber, steel fiber, tensile, flexure 1. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, one of the best scientific, practical and economic solutions to reduce the …

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Today, modern technology has led to high performance concrete with super-tensile load qualities. Also, by the substitution of Portland cement with fly ash (fa) or ground granulated blast-furnace slag (ggbs) in the mix, the resulting concrete is stronger still and often used in bridges or in structures exposed to corrosive sea salts.

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API-7K Certified Hose The rotary drilling hose is suitable for flexible connection between the top of the drilling riser and the swivel which can move vertically. It resists corrosion of hydrogen sulfide and can deliver water, oil, mud high‐pressure media.Working

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Tensile Strength of Concrete: The actual tensile strength of cement paste or similar brittle material as that of stone is very much lower than the theoreti­cal strength estimated on the basis of mole­cular cohesion of the atomic structure and calculated from the energy required to create the new surfaces by fracture of a perfectly homogeneous and flaw (fracture) less mate­rial.


HIGH-PRESSURE PERFORMANCE REDEFINED. Built with our proprietary wire-braid process technology, MegaSys MXG 4K hose is lightweight, highly flexible, and qualified to ONE MILLION impulse cycles — it’s a drop-in replacement for Where others

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The single important property of lightweight concrete is its very low thermal conductivity. For example: Thermal conductivity – the k value, for plain concrete may be as high as 10-12. But the thermal conductivity of Lightweight concrete is about 0.3.

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This lightweight, high pressure hose is designed with the same reliable smooth tube and carbon impregnated tube for static dissipation along with a densely packed Stainless Steel braid to achieve elevated pressure ratings for robust appliions. Low coefficient of

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ACI Structural Journal/May-June 2016 551 strength is high enough (Joint ACI-ASCE Committee 408 2003). Less crushing in front of the ribs translates to less slipping of the bar that concentrates the loads to fewer ribs triggering the splitting failure of the meer.

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A bigger hose does hold more water, so it was no surprise the Fatmax took a little more effort to drag out to full length—on concrete it took 9 pounds of force, while on grass it was a little

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High-performance fiber-reinforced cementitious composites (HPFRCCs) are a group of fiber-reinforced cement-based composites which possess the unique ability to flex and self-strengthen before fracturing. This particular class of concrete was developed with the goal of solving the structural problems inherent with today’s typical concrete, such as its tendency to fail in a brittle manner

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The permeability of high-strength lightweight concrete appears to be very low, but it may be higher than that of normal weight concrete at a similar strength level. The permeability of high-strength lightweight concrete appears to be more dependent on the porosity of the mortar matrix than the porosity of the lightweight aggregate.

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A high cutting resistance, large energy retaining capacities and a long durability make our high-tensile steel wire systems unique. This strength enables our nets and meshes to set world records, which was proven at the certifiion test where our ring net (RXE 10''000) caught a 25-ton block with an impact speed of 103 km/h (29 m/s).

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Materials with high tensile strengths with negligible elongation properties are reinforced with woven or nonwoven fabrics. The fibres used for making the fabric are of high tenacity like Jute, Glass Fibre, Kevlar, Polypropylene, Polyamides (Nylon) etc. The weaving of the fabric is done either in a coil fashion or in a layer fashion. . Molten materials, ceramic clays, plastics or cement


Concrete, high-strength lightweight-Structural lightweight concrete with a 28-day compressive strength of 6000 psi (40 MPa) or greater. Concrete, Insulating - Insulating concretes are very light non structural concretes, employed primarily for high density low

A Comparative Analysis of Modulus of Rupture and Splitting Tensile Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

Tensile Strength of Recycled Aggregate Concrete Akinkurolere Olufunke Olanike Department of Civil Engineering, Ekiti State University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria. Abstract: - In this experimental investigation, an attempt is made to report the comparative analysis of the

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Furthermore, splitting tensile strength test on concrete cylinder is a method to determine the tensile strength of concrete.The procedure based on the ASTM C496 (Standard Test Method of Cylindrical Concrete Specimen) which similar to other codes lik IS 5816

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20/5/2020· Normal concrete is made using sand and stones, but lightweight concrete can be made using industrial by-products such as expanded slag or clay as lightweight aggregates. This concrete weighs only 90 to 125 pcf and high strengths are more difficult to …

Effect of Substitution of Normal Weight Coarse Aggregate with Oil-Palm-Boiler Clinker on Properties of Concrete

Concrete containing 50% OPBC can be considered as semi-lightweight concrete with high strength. Using OPBC in concrete reduced the splitting tensile strength and modulus of elasticity, however, the reduction was not significant. Keywords: Lightweight

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Lightweight aggregate concrete structures 12. Plain and lightly reinforced concrete structures 22 February 2008 6 EN 1992-1-1 “Concrete structures” (2) Annexes: A. Modifiions of safety factor (I) B. Formulas for creep and shrinkage (I) C. Properties of

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High strength lightweight aggregate concrete (HSLAC) provides many advantages to construction industry, especially in the reduction of structure’s dead load. Incorporating waste materials in HSLAC promotes to implement sustainable practice, minimize the negative impact to environment and reduce the cost of product.